Creative Lighting Design

Do you want to know about some Inspiring creative lightning design that can set the mood for any room?

Dynamic creative lighting design is necessary to create any room's ideal atmosphere. You can complete the design of your space so that it's soothing, comfy, and comfortable to get to a deep sleep and rest. Everyone's needs for light and comfort are varied, but you can find the right mood lighting for you. You can pick and choose the most appropriate relaxation mode for you at BRIGHTRAES.

Dreams of turquoise

Make a cool light curtain for your bedroom by placing lights underneath the bed, behind the headboard, and around the walls' margins. So, the blue lights highlight the white interior of your bedroom.

We Have Clouds that are suspended in the air

It is incredible! Color, sweetness, and creative lighting design fill any room with these dangling cloud lights. Use it to brighten and embellish your bedroom. You may customize the colors, shapes, and lighting settings to match your style!

Corner lamp in a minimalist style with Creative Lighting Design

It encompasses all of the qualities of charm, modernity, and elegance. This sleek corner lamp will not be visible until you switch it on. However, a must-have for modern houses and designs, and there is no clutter, just functional ambient lighting.

Beds that float

Amazing and original! This lighting scheme will give your room a warm glow with a unique twist. May achieve this stunning floating bed trick by placing mood lights under the bed.

Night of the Stars

A popular lighting option for a child's room. This is a simple and enjoyable project for you and your children. Get our star stickers and hang them on the ceiling of your child's room.  You can get other stickers such as the moon, sun, and comet, which can also be included.

Lights for a quiet cove

This lighting scheme is elegant, modern, and sophisticated. It provides good ambient lighting while also emphasizing the room's form. Therefore, it is ideal for minimalist designs in the modern-day.

lamp made of bamboo

A beautiful and sophisticated Japanese bamboo lamp will easily blend into any style and outlast shifting fashions and design trends. A cool light in the corner with a warm glow can really change the atmosphere. Therefore, these illuminated lights are ideal for bedrooms, caves, and even movie theatres.

Sconces for the modern home for a  Creative Lighting Design

The minimalist wall element is a blend of lights and art design. Thin black metal rods create the perfect lamp that hold many styles of light bulbs. Warm color and light are provided in the space by the fixture's silent shades.

Branches that flash

Three panels of tangled branches and fairy tale lights make up this art design. During the day, it is a lovely room divider, and at night, it is a fun bedroom mood. Also, it is a simple DIY project!

Lamps made of salt

A salt lamp is a salt rock with holes or crystals with a light attached to it. It can create a warm amber glow which is supposed to help with sleep, mood, and air purification.

Garden in the bedroom

Make a fanciful garden right in your living room with our creative lighting design. To match the garden concept, use white picket fences for the headboard and flower print covers.

Digital overhead lights

Smooth, sophisticated, and modern. A contemporary bedroom for a stylish individual. Seamless digital lighting is the star of the show.


Bring the moon's splendor into your home! This LED moonlight is both stylish and practical. this touch light is available at BRIGHTRAES in various colors, including gold, white, and vibrant pastels. So, choose a moon hue that complements your personality.